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About Us

We are a mission-driven healthcare plan from VNSNY providing quality care for New Yorkers.

VNSNY, our parent organization, has been taking care of New Yorkers for more than 128 years. We have deep experience caring for people at all stages of life, and particular expertise in caring for adults, including those with multiple or complex health conditions.

We are based in New York City. We know the ins and outs of New York’s healthcare system and have longstanding relationships with leading physician groups, doctors in private practice, hospital systems, pharmacies, and other providers. We know from long experience that New York is a city of diverse ethnic and cultural communities, all deserving sensitive and culturally competent healthcare services.

Our health plans are designed to work closely with both plan members and their healthcare providers to offer customized solutions that keep members’ health on track.

As part of the VNSNY family, CHOICE is able to draw upon VNSNY’s unmatched breadth and depth of clinical expertise. We help our members navigate life’s surprising healthcare challenges whenever they may occur.

Just some of the reasons why CHOICE stands out

Medicare & Medicaid
Helping your benefits work for you.
Quality Care
Choice of outstanding doctors & hospitals.
On Your Side
Champions for you and your loved ones.
Three members of VNSNY CHOICE's expert staff

Expert, Personal Support

When you join a CHOICE plan, you can count on us being here for you whether you need a little help staying healthy — or a lot.

Looking to live a little healthier or maybe just maintain good health? Your VNSNY CHOICE Health Coach can support you. Have complex care needs? Your Care Manager, a nurse or social worker, will advocate for you and coordinate your care and services.

Everyone’s health needs are different. Our care team is dedicated to getting you the care that’s right for you.

Deep Roots in the Communities We Serve

We are New Yorkers supporting New Yorkers. We live and work in the communities we serve. Our staff reflect the diversity of New York’s cultures, languages and lifestyles.

As part of VNSNY, with more than 128 years of experience navigating the New York healthcare system, we are a trusted champion for our members and their health. Whether you have Medicare, Medicare and Medicaid, or need help with daily activities to live safely in the comfort of your own home, we can help you choose the plan that’s right for you.

At VNSNY CHOICE, we are dedicated to our mission and to the members that we serve.

We work with our members’ physicians to extend their care into members’ homes and communities.

In all that we do, we do it for you: for our members’ health and happiness, for our caregivers’ peace of mind, for our provider and partners’ delivery of the highest quality care.

News and Updates