Care Coordination

A Special Approach to Care Coordination

VNSNY CHOICE has developed a special expertise in coordinating care for those with the greatest needs. Whether they are individuals with multiple chronic illnesses, or people with physical disabilities, or those living with HIV, they have complex healthcare needs that make it especially important to pull together all the care and services they receive from various providers.

For example, if you’re a member of one of our long term care plans, you might be seeing several different doctors and specialists; additionally, you might visit a clinic, or go to an emergency room or a hospital; and each of the doctors who treat you might write prescriptions for various medications. So, it’s extremely important that you have someone who is focused on you, helping these different individuals communicate so that your care is coordinated.

The CHOICE approach to care coordination has gained national recognition from The Commonwealth Fund, a respected independent healthcare foundation. When your CHOICE care plan requires care coordination, you will be assigned your own Care Manager — usually a Registered Nurse — who works with a team of healthcare professionals to manage and coordinate your care and support services.

Last updated 10/31/2018