Behavioral Health Home & Community-Based Services

What are Behavioral Health Home- and Community-Based Services (BH HCBS)?

As a member of SelectHealth from VNSNY CHOICE, you may be eligible for additional benefits that cover your physical, social, and behavioral care — including treatment for mental health and substance use. These services are called behavioral health home- and community-based services. Covered benefits include:

  • Community psychiatric support and care
  • Family support and training
  • Help going back to school 
  • Assistance finding a job
  • Help finding housing and living independently 
  • Short-term crisis housing (3 – 5 days)

What is HARP? 

HARP stands for Health And Recovery Plan. It's a separate Medicaid Managed Care health plan that coordinates and pays for physical health care, mental health and substance use treatment. HARPs arrange for access to a benefit package of HCBS for eligible members.

If you are eligible, your SelectHealth plan offers all of the covered benefits of a HARP. There's no need to enroll in another plan to receive these services!

How do I know if I'm eligible?

New York State determines if you are eligible to receive these services. If you received a letter saying that you are HARP-designated or have H code status, you can sign up to begin receiving services right away. Not sure? Call SelectHealth Member Services at 1-866-469-7774 and we'll check for you.

For more information on these services:

Last updated 3/17/2020