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HIV/AIDS Information and Resources

Here are some sources of information that may be helpful to those living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

New York State Policies And Guidelines
HIV Treatment Works (HTW) Campaign 
CDC Campaign banner of Malina, a person living with HIV since 2010 from Bronx, New York: HIV Treatment Works. Get in Care. Stay in Care. Live Well. Hear her story at A photo shows Malina hugging her son.SelectHealth, a specialized Medicaid plan from VNSNY CHOICE supports the HIV Treatment Works (HTW) Campaign sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The HTW campaign features people who are living with HIV talking about how sticking with care and treatment helps them stay healthy, protect other, and live longer, healthier lives. 

HIV Resources

Staying Healthy with HIV as You Age
This brochure describes some common health problems older adults with HIV may face. Download a free copy of Staying Healthy with HIV as You Age. Additional information can be found at:

Aging and Living with HIV
This brochure contains some important facts about HIV and aging and identifies keys to aging well. Download a free copy of Aging and Living with HIV in English (interactive PDF) or Spanish (interactive PDF).

HIV and Hepatitis C
This brochure provides information about new effective treatments for people living with HIV and Hepatitis C. Download a free copy of HIV and Hepatitis C

HIV Prevention and PrEP
People who are HIV negative and take a pill called PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) that can reduce their risk of getting HIV. If you worry about getting or transmitting HIV, talk to your doctor about PrEP and other ways to prevent HIV and STDs. You can also learn more at

Healthix and the AIDS Institute: Ending the Epidemic
The HIV infection continues to exact a huge toll on individuals in the U.S., with New York State among the leaders nationwide in reported HIV/AIDS cases. Since the mid-90s, antiretroviral treatment has led to dramatic changes in health outcomes for people living with HIV. Now, Healthix is providing real-time data to support detection and long term care in the continued fight to end the epidemic. Watch this video for more information.

Ending the Epidemic in New York State
SelectHealth, a specialized Medicaid plan from VNSNY CHOICE supports Ending the Epidemic (ETE), a three-point plan to move New York State closer to the end of the AIDS epidemic. The plan:  

  1. Identifies people with HIV who remain undiagnosed and links them to health care.
  2. Links people diagnosed with HIV to health care and retains them to maximize virus suppression, so they can remain healthy and avoid further transmission.
  3. Facilitates access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for high-risk people, to help them remain HIV negative.

Additional information and the full Ending the Epidemic Blueprint can be found here

To view the Ending the Epidemic Dashboard and track the progress toward ending the AIDS epidemic in New York State, please visit the ETE website

HIV Tobacco Cessation Improvement Campaign
The New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute is excited to announce the launch of the HIV Tobacco Cessation Improvement Campaign. Antiretroviral therapy is extending the lives of people living with HIV (PLWH); yet, in the US, PLWH who smoke lose over six years of life expectancy compared to PLWH who do not smoke. Come join our campaign to help improve the health of PLWH across New York State. Visit to enroll and learn more about the campaign.

Mental Health and Substance Use Services

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