Medicare Basics


Medicare Basics

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Medicare Basics

Medicare is a health insurance program from the federal government. It is for people age 65 and older, or under age 65 with certain disabilities. Medicare offers several options for coverage. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the different plans and what each one does and does not cover. 
In this section, VNSNY CHOICE gives you the tools you need to understand those options so you can make the choice that’s right for you. 
The links at left explain the process of applying for Medicare. Start at New to Medicare? and be sure to think carefully about the questions to ask yourself. Then continue with The Medicare Alphabet to learn the ABCDs of Medicare. Be sure to read When Can I Enroll? so you don’t miss important deadlines, and Need Extra Financial Help? so you don’t miss out on benefits.  The Medicare Glossary explains terms you might come across. 
If you still have questions or want to talk to a VNSNY CHOICE expert, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to help.  
This is a Medicare-related page; some of the links will take you to non-Medicare information or to a different website. 
Last updated 10/1/2016

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