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Credentialing Criteria and Resources

Credentialing is required for all physicians who provide services to VNSNY CHOICE members, as well as all other health professionals and facilities that are permitted to practice independently under state law and provide services to VNSNY CHOICE members, with the exception of hospital-based healthcare professionals.

Our credentialing process is designed to protect members and provide continued assurance that potential and/or currently participating providers meet the requirements necessary for the provision of quality care and service. The objectives of the VNSNY CHOICE Credentialing Program are to ensure that:

  1. Members who join VNSNY CHOICE will have their care rendered by appropriately qualified providers
  2. Each provider applicant has equal opportunity to participate
  3. Adequate information pertaining to education, training, relevant experience, and other credentialing criteria is reviewed by the appropriate individuals prior to approval or denial by the Credentialing Subcommittee

NOTE: If you are one of the providers listed below, you will need to join our network through one of our delegated vendors. Please check here for information about how to contact the appropriate delegated vendor directly.

  • Behavioral Health Specialist/OMH or OASAS certified facility/Substance Abuse provider
  • Dental provider 
  • Optometrist 
  • Transportation
  • Pharmacy provider