Reaching My VNSNY CHOICE Care Team

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How do I reach my VNSNY CHOICE care team?

Most questions about your VNSNY CHOICE MLTC plan can be answered by calling our professionals at CHOICE Member Services.

Just explain your question or concern to them, and they’ll often be able to address your need right then and there. The Member Services number is:

(TTY: 711)
9 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday

If Member Services cannot answer your question, they will identify the right member of your care team to get you the help you’re looking for.

Last updated 10/9/2019



Find a Provider in Your Area

CHOICE MLTC members can continue seeing their current doctors and do not have to choose from the network. CHOICE uses a network of community providers to deliver many services our MLTC members need. This directory can help you find an MLTC network provider.