Member Materials

The list below includes links to a variety of materials that members receive for VNSNY CHOICE Managed Long Term Care (MLTC). Just select the materials you want, and you will be able to view or download them. You may also obtain a printed copy of any CHOICE Member Materials by calling 1-888-867-6555, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TTY users should call 711.

Member Handbook

MLTC Provider Directories
MLTC Provider Directory for Upstate NY
MLTC and Total Provider Directory for the NYC Metropolitan Area

Authorization for Release of Health Information Pursuant to HIPAA
RHIO Consent - Authorization for Access to Patient/Member Information Through a Health Information Exchange Organization (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian)

Important Information About Member Rights and Responsibilities Booklet
(English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian)
   - Health Information Exchange Fact Sheet
   - Member Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
   - Patient Self-Determination Policies
   - Making Decisions  About Your Medical Care
   - Planning in Advance For Your Medical Treatment
   - Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Statement
Notice of Privacy Practices (EnglishSpanishChineseKoreanRussian)

Health Care Proxy (EnglishSpanishChineseKoreanRussian)

VNSNY CHOICE MLTC Member Newsletters
Spring 2017 (English, Spanish)
Winter 2016/Fall 2017 (English
Summer 2016 (English)
Summer 2015 (English, Spanish)
Spring 2015 (English, Spanish)
Summer/Fall 2014 (English, Spanish)
Spring 2014 (EnglishSpanish)
Summer 2013 (EnglishSpanish)
Spring 2013 (EnglishSpanish)
Fall 2012 (EnglishSpanish)

Last updated 5/9/2017


Find a Provider in Your Area

CHOICE MLTC members can continue seeing their current doctors and do not have to choose from the network. CHOICE uses a network of community providers to deliver many services our MLTC members need. This directory can help you find an MLTC network provider.