Steps to a Healthier Life Program

More Rewards for You

As a member of SelectHealth, you’re automatically enrolled in our Steps to a Healthier Life rewards program. With Steps, you can earn valuable rewards for completing certain health activities, like dental visits, eye exams, recommended screenings, and taking your medications as prescribed.

Depending on your health needs, you could be eligible for total rewards of $500 or more every year! Here are some of the ways you may be able to earn rewards this year.

Health Activity Value Frequency Total Yearly Reward
Achieve and maintain HIV viral load of <200 copies/ml* $100 Quarterly (4 times/year) $400
Fill out About Me and My Health Form and return it to CHOICE** $10 Quarterly (4 times/year) $40

 Dental exams 
$25 Every six months $50

 Eye exam
$25 One visit/ two years $25

 Adult BMI assessment***
$25 One per year $25
Breast cancer screening - mammography*** $25 One per year $25
Women's wellness exam***
(chlamydia or cervical cancer screening)
$25 One visit/year $25

 Colon cancer screening***
$25 As medically required $25

 Asthma medication adherence
$25 Once per year $25
Maintain blood pressure (<140/90)*** $25 One per year $25

 HbA1c control (<8%)***
$25 One per year $25

 Diabetic eye exam***
$25 One per year $25

 Diabetes urine protein test***
$25 One per year $25

 Adolescent well care visit
$25 One visit /year $25

 Take smoking cessation steps
$25 Yearly $25

*For adult members who are 18 + and living with HIV
**For a copy of this form, contact CHOICE Member Services at 1-866-469-7774. 
***As medically required

For complete program information, download the Steps to a Healthier Life brochure. (COMING SOON)

Ready to get started? Download the About Me and My Health form. (COMING SOON)

Last updated 8/29/19