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Does my plan cover rides to and from medical appointments?
Transportation to medical appointments for VNSNY CHOICE SelectHealth members is covered by Medicaid.

How can I arrange transportation to a doctor appointment?
CHOICE SelectHealth members arrange transportation through agencies that contract with New York State Department of Health to manage non-emergency transportation services covered by Medicaid.
In New York City, members arrange transportation through Medical Answering Services (MAS). To arrange your transportation, contact MAS directly at 1-844-666-6270 or visit
In Westchester, members arrange transportation through MAS, but please note the number to call is different. To arrange your transportation, contact MAS directly at 1-866-883-7865 or visit
In Nassau, members arrange transportation through LogistiCare Solutions. To arrange your transportation, call 1-844-678-1103 or visit
When you call, you will need:
  • Your Medicaid ID number (this is the ID listed on your Medicaid card formatted as 2 letters, 5 numbers, 1 letter – like XX12345X)
  • The name, address, zip code and telephone number of your medical practitioner 
  • The street address and the telephone number where you want to be picked up
  • The date and time of your appointment, any special needs you have and the general reason for the appointment (doctor visit, check-up, eye appointment, etc.)
You, a caregiver or your provider can arrange for transportation.
Last updated 1/3/2020

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