Tips for Managing Your Diabetes

You can take control of your diabetes by making small changes to the things you do and decisions you make.

Most people find it hard to make many changes all at once. Why not start with a few that come easy to you like the tips below to help you take care of yourself?

Thinking about Positive Change

Below are some important information for successful diabetes self-management:

  1. Blood Sugar Log (EnglishSpanish)
  2. What to Know About Using Insulin (EnglishSpanish)
  3. Healthy Eating with Diabetes (English, Spanish
  4. Oral Diabetic Medications (English, Spanish)
  5. How to Use a Blood Glucose Meter (English, Spanish)
  6. Standard Foot Care (English, Spanish)
  7. Keeping Your Eyes Healthy (English, Spanish)
  8. Managing Your Blood Sugar Level (English, Spanish)
  9. Exercising When You Have Diabetes (English, Spanish)
  10. How to Plan Sick Days When You Have Diabetes (English, Spanish)


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Last updated 10/2/2018

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