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Your VNSNY CHOICE Total (HMO D-SNP) Benefits

VNSNY CHOICE Total combines Medicare and Medicaid together for people who require assistance with day-to-day tasks (such as bathing, dressing, walking and preparing food) due to their long-term care needs.

With VNSNY CHOICE Total there is $0 cost to you. $0 plan premiums, $0 deductibles and $0 copays for services you receive from our network of providers. Most members have $0 copays for prescription drugs. As a member of VNSNY CHOICE Total, you will be eligible to get extra help to pay for your prescription drug premiums and costs. Learn more about Getting Extra Help.

 Benefits Overview
Monthly plan premium $0
Medicare Parts A & B services (including doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs) $0
Medicare Part D services (brand name and generic prescription drugs) $0*
Over the counter (OTC) items Up to $1,200 per year ($100/month)
Acupuncture $0
Up to 10 visits per year
Eye exam/Eyeglasses $0
Routine eye exam, $200 frames/year
Dental $0
Preventive and comprehensive
Transportation Unlimited to medical appointments (to plan-approved locations)
Long-term services and supports (including Home Health Aide, nursing, social work, and more) $0
Social Day Care $0
Travel outside service area Travel outside the service area for up to 30 days, without being disenrolled
Worldwide Coverage Up to $50,000 per year for emergencies services and urgent care
*Depending on Medicaid eligibility
For more information, contact VNSNY CHOICE Member Services at:
Monday – Friday, 8 am – 8 pm
(TTY for the hearing impaired: 711)
You can also review our Summary of Benefits or Member Handbook, also called the Evidence of Coverage.
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Last updated 4/1/2020



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