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Useful Medical Equipment

Assistive chair in shower

These items can help with mobility and bathroom use.

Facing the loss of mobility and privacy is a challenge. Your dad might be just fine when you offer a hand as he gets up from his easy chair or crossing a busy street. But it may be harder to ask for help using the toilet or bathtub.

Medical equipment is useful if your parent needs help bathing, toileting, or with mobility. Here are some tips to consider:


Tub seats or shower chairs fit in the tub so people who have trouble standing or balancing can continue to take baths in their bathrooms. Look for one that has back support.

Tub benches go over the side of the tub—you sit down outside the tub and lift your legs over the tub wall so you don’t have to step over it.

A hand-held shower will make bathing more convenient.


Raised toilet seats lift the height of a toilet's sitting surface, which makes it easier to transfer oneself. Be sure to get one that can clamp and tighten onto the toilet. Some models are simply placed over the toilet. These may shift and someone may fall off. Raised toilet seats cannot be used with all toilets. You may need a toilet safety frame.


A walker has two wheels and two feet. Rollators are similar to walkers but have four wheels. The additional wheels provide more speed and freedom, but they require more coordination and balance. Rollator brakes can wear out quickly, so try to order one from a vendor who offers free repairs.

Walkers are better for people who only need to go short distances, who have difficulty with balance, or who would need help controlling a rollator.


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Assistive chair in shower
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