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VNSNY CHOICE Total 2021 Benefits

VNSNY CHOICE Total (HMO D-SNP) combines Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Long Term Care for people who need help with day-to-day tasks (such as bathing, dressing, walking, and preparing food) to remain safely in their homes and communities.

With VNSNY CHOICE Total there is $0 cost to you. $0 plan premiums, $0 deductibles, and $0 copays for services you receive from our network of providers. And, you can keep your doctors, specialists, and home health aide.*

New OTC & Grocery Benefit
Now you can use your CHOICE Total Over the Counter (OTC) card to buy a wide selection of grocery items at stores in your community. You can buy the ingredients for your favorite recipes, as well as fruits, vegetables, meats, milk, cheese, cereal, rice and so much more. You’ll get up to $1,584/ year ($132/mo) for groceries, over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies.+

VNSNY CHOICE Total Benefits

2021 Benefits Overview
Monthly plan premium
Medicare parts A & B services (including doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs)
Medicare Part D services (brand name and generic prescription drugs)
Over-the-counter (OTC) items and Groceries
Up to $1,584/year ($132 per month)+
$0 for up to 30 visits/year & more++
Eye exam / Eyeglasses
$0 for routine eye exam, $300/year for eyeglasses and contacts
Telehealth service
Unlimited to medical appointments (to plan-approved locations)
$0 for preventative and comprehensive care
Long-term services and supports (including Home Health Aide, nursing and social network)
Physical therapy
$0 for up to 40 sessions/year^
Social Day Care
CDPAS (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services)
Worldwide coverage
Up to $50,000/year for emergency services and urgent care


*As long as the provider is in the network.
**Depending on Medicaid eligibility.
+Eligibility for Special Supplemental Benefits for the Chronically Ill (SSBCI) required for grocery benefit.
++Additional acupuncture visits for chronic low back pain covered by Medicare.
^As covered by Medicaid.

For more information about the many benefits of CHOICE Total, see the Summary of Benefits and Evidence of Coverage in the Member Materials section.